A Way to Inspire and Motivate Readers and Writers to Keep Going

My very favorite part of the TC Reunion Saturday was when TCRWP Staff Developer, Lea Mercantini, shared the idea of reminding kids by using inspiring video clips that reading and writing IS hard but we must keep at it. She gave these three moving examples…
We must be a Jessica….and look in the mirror, eye to eye with ourselves and name the thing we are good at, as a writer and a reader. When writng and reading get hard, become Jessica and say “I can ________!” filling in the blank with your reading/writing strength.
We must tell kids that writers and readers try and try again. It is just like learning to ride a bike. We must shush the voice in our head that says “this is stupid” and “I’m not good at writing and reading.” Instead, believe in yourself and work hard, like the bike rider tells us in this video:
And get the kleenex box before watching this inspiring video:
Then tell your students…don’t you want to be like Derek…Let’s be Derek!!
As readers and writers, let’s push ourselves, knowing that the only way we can fail is if you don’t try at all.
I hope we all can share these inspirational messages with a reader or writer in the near future!!

Spetember 30th – End of First Unit Publishing Parties

Friday, September 30th, was a great day at my school. Teachers were completing their first writing unit – Launching the Writing Workshop – and celebrations were occurring! Here’s a glimpse of some of the festivities.

One Kindergarten class got with their 5th grade buddy class. Together they shared their writing. The K writer shared about their drawing and any labels or words they included. The 5th grader read their personal narrative, written on loose leaf paper.

Two adjacent 5th grade classrooms placed their personal narratives on their desk. Next to it, they placed a sheet of loose leaf paper with the title at the top “Compliments / Comments” and a pencil. Then the 5th graders took a museum walk, stopping to read a classmate’s writing and using the pencil to write a compliment.

One 4th grade class had students sit in groups of three pairs. Each pair prepared how to introduce their writing partner. After the partner read their introduction, their partner read aloud their favorite part of the story. One partner introduced by saying, “I’d like you to meet Mary, a stupendous writer who wrote an interesting story about the arrival of her new baby brother!”

One 2nd grade class sat in a circle with their writing. They chose one thing to share about their writing – the picture, the title, a word, a line or two.

Another 2nd grade class took turns sharing their favorite part and all joined in a cheer after each share – “fantastic!”.

Celebrating our writing is so important to the Writing Workshop process. I know our students are already looking forward to Oct. 30th and between now and then will be more motivated to work hard on their writing each day in writing workshop, knowing that another publishing party awaits them come the end of the month.

2nd grader sharing his story picture.

4th graders sitting in three pairs, sharing.

5th grader’s compliment sheet and personal narrative story.

5th graders on a “Museum Walk”,  reading and leaving behind a compliment! 
A Kindergartener listens as a 5th grader reads him his story;
then the Kindergartener shares his picture and story!