Awesome Student Writing!!

The Westgate students chose one writing piece they wrote during the 2011-2012 school year and now YOU can read their writing in Westgate ES’s first Digital Literary Magazine!

Just pick a grade, click on the “bookmark” tab on the left to see the Table of Contents, pick a writing genre, and then start reading!!

Are you getting ready to teach a certain writing genre?
Check here to find a student writing piece to act as a Mentor Text.

If you want to read the folktale I wrote while helping the 3rd grade team teach the genre of folktale in writing workshop, go to the 3rd grade literary magazine, click on the bookmark tab to the left, and then pick folktale. My story is in this section!

New favorite author – Kathryn Erskine

Here are books to suggest to upper elementary students:


I read and LOVED Mockingbird. I plan to read The Absolute Value of Mike when it comes out in the fall and Quaking is on my summer reading list.

I learned so much more about this author from her website:

Be sure to check it out. This woman really knows how to write for young adult readers!!