Using Checklist with On-Demand

I saw this on TWITTER:

@garycally: Day 1: give the on demand: Day 2: give them back, with the check list and have them set goals. @tarantoannie #tcrwp” love this!

 Then I tried it myself. I wrote. I picked a small moment from when I traveled to Chicago.

Then I read the 3rd grade Personal Narrative Checklist for 3rd grade from the Writing Pathway book and jotted it down into my notebook. I just included Structure and Development skills as I am pretty confident in my writing conventions.

 Then I reread my on-demand and annotated it to show the things I did do as I wrote my small moment using colored markers:

Finally, I listed my strengths and I listed the things I still need to work on – my goals!!

I LIKE this process!!! I plan to follow it with MY students as I begin teaching Writing Workshop in 3rd grade this year.