TCRWP August Reading Institute

DAY #1: Lucy’s Keynote
a 2-kleenex speech for me. Here are some of the quotes I jotted down as I listened:

“We come from 23 countries, 36 states, all 5 boroughs…1,300 participants.”

“This institute is NOT an event. It is a community.”

“What do you need to do to build your RWP back home?”

“The challenges of today are huge (and then Lucy listed problem-after-depressing problem facing our world). With all these challenges, we need to get to work.”

“For years at the project, the focus has been on the curriculum. But we realize we also need to focus on the values of the community. Why? Because when we feel safe in a community, we can do the hard work and grow.”

“Learning to read IS scary. My classroom needs to be a safe place to read – a nest, a kind community.”

“In my classroom, I am the CEO. What will be my motto? What will be my traditions?”

“Invite kids to co-author the classroom so it is the best it can be.”

“Books can build the reader we want to become – books like 100 Dresses, Each Kindness and Raymie Nightingale.”

“On the first day of school, a staff developer read The Big Orange Splot and had kids record their dreams. Then asked ” How will this school be different because you are a part of it?”

“Resume VS Obituary  –> schools teach toward resume building; Instead, we need to live the stories we’d be proud to be written about in our obituary”

Kleenex Story #1: Her description of her 90+ year old parents. “When mom doesn’t want to do the stairs, she will sleep in the day bed. Dad doesn’t want to be far away, so he will lounge in the nearby chair. But he can’t hear too well so he fashions a rope using the dog leashes and they each hold an end.”

Kleenex Story #2: An older man who helped the Project got sick and was in the hospital. Lucy stopped to visit him. Not sure what she could do, she offered to get him a radio as he always played classical music from a radio when at work. “I’d like a little Beethoven,” he replied from his hospital bed. “But then I left and went to work and I got busy. Weeks later we got the call he had died. And all I could think of was how I never got him that radio. As I pass the hospital now, I see it only as a radio.”

Last line of her speech – “May we not forget the radio.”


NOTE: I am in a Small Group with Kelly Boland learning about how to use the Pathway Learning Progressions while reading fiction


I am in a Small Group with Kate Roberts learning about close reading while reading non-fiction


12 thoughts on “TCRWP August Reading Institute

  1. Great quotes, Sally! Lucy is a masterful storyteller. May we always think about the stories that we have inside us and that we can encourage students to tell as well!



  2. I appreciate the way you bring us into your experience and distill the most important parts- letting us share the inspiration. I have been reflecting on how to be a more compassionate teacher, and these stories and quotes resonate with me.


    1. And Catherine in my small group who I hadn’t met in person before. Once my head stops feeling like it is exploding with great ideas, I will post more to my blog! Since Catherine’s son lives in Centerville, I look forward to the 3 of us meeting up in the future!


  3. Sally,
    What wonderful things you shared! You brought the TC community right to my kitchen! Sounds like the learning will be amazing. Enjoy, enjoy! And thank you for sharing.


  4. I am eight months pregnant and therefore had to forego attending the institute this summer. Thank you for bringing pieces of it to me through your blog. You’re in for a wonderful week with Kelly and Kate!


  5. Thank you so much for sharing your notes from Lucy’s keynote. I can hear her voice and see her in the words. These are the questions and wants playing in my mind, although I am not back in the classroom yet. Community matters the most! How will I build a love of reading within the intervention program with all its constraints — and most of all, not forget the radio?


  6. “A two-kleenex speech” describes Lucy’s keynote perfectly. And the quotes you’ve included really capture the essence of our work. I’m so thankful to be part of this community, and thankful that we’ve been able to spend so much time together this week!


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